Big House Crew

Big House Crew page is in honor of the HAMC Mesa members of the Big House Crew.  Below you will find an address for each member.  Please write them and show them your support.  It will mean a lot to them!   Thank you! 

Nathaniel “N8” Sample 
 big house crew
An letter from N8 to supporters dated 8/30/2011:

To Our Supporters,

This letter is to thank all of you who show support for our club and buy our support gear.   Your support helps us in our fight for freedom and survival in our so-called “free society” that we live in now.  Before I was put in prison I probably was not much different than a lot of you reading this now.  I had a trade (Heavy Equipment Operator) and a union member with 18 years in the business.  I had a house, bills, family with 3 kids and I paid my taxes every year. But I am now serving 8 ½ years in prison for basically being in a Motorcycle Club.  The fact is nowadays if you are simply in a motorcycle club, any small infraction that they might chose to drum up on a member can be enhanced, aggravated, and the member can be charged with an additional felony count just because you are in a motorcycle club.  That means a possible 1 year presumptive sentence became a 8 ½ year sentence like what they did to me.

The government nowadays labels motorcycle clubs as “gangs” under their laws (which is ridiculous) so that they can put you in a category that opens the doors for more reasons to lock you up!  This is something that will eventually affect all motorcycle clubs and enthusiasts.   So I again thank all of you who show support and help us fight for truth in this modern era.  Your help goes a long way and is much appreciated.   It would be a shame if the government was able to just lock up motorcycle clubs for nothing and destroy this great tradition in America.  (History has shown us times where such liberties have been taken away at any cost).   I would also like to thank all who write and show support for the Big House Crew (BHC) everywhere by letting them know they are not forgotten.

N8  – HAMC Mesa


(You can write N8 at the following address):

Nathaniel Sample
ADC #248957
Yuma Complex
Cocopah Unit 5-C-4
PO Box 8910
San Luis, AZ 85349
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