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Arizona motorcycle clubs (and many other organizations) today face a travesty of injustice that threatens to take away civil rights that our founding fathers created when this great country was formed.   Many of us served in the armed forces to protect those basic rights and freedoms.   Under the Arizona “Criminal Street Gang” statute, the police can attempt to attach “gang enhancement” charges to someone who is charged with a felony.   Even if an individual is charged with a crime that is not related to any activity associated with the club (or gang as they call it), this “enhancement” can be added.   Charges are often filed on club members that would not even be pursued for any other citizen.   It is sad that people seeking to prosecute these cases are ok with attempting to destroy people’s lives and take away their liberty over some stereotype and false portrayal of groups!    The law adds extra time and penalties to sentences and takes away the ability to be paroled.   Even sex offenders and hardened criminal face less!  (See N8’s letter posted on the “Big House Crew” page). Someone who would normally get probation, and/or reduced charges or minimal sentences (if even prosecuted) can now face 8 ½ years.

What does this mean to you?   Take a look at the law and see how simple it would be to classify many groups as a “Gang”.   Criteria such as wear similar attire,   sharing a common group name, having similar symbols or tattoos, congregating in similar places, etc….    If the police had a problem with many civil organizations they could call them a gang.  Car clubs, hobby clubs, boy scouts, and societies like the Free Masons etc. Under the definition, you could even say the police could be called a gang.   We need to stop this unjust abuse of power and manipulation of the law and protect citizens from the very people who are supposed to protect us!

Crimes are committed even by police officers (See our links page).  We all see the news!   They will tell you not to judge the many based on the mistake of a few!   Why then does that not apply to motorcycle clubs?   We are formed to ride motorcycles and enjoy fellowship, not to commit crimes.   Help us express our constitutional right to form and enjoy our fellowship!!!
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